V Generous Basket

V Chocolate’s plentiful gift baskets are perfect for every gift-giving occasion.  Bursting with tasty assortments of our most popular confections, you will be remembered fondly for your generosity.  Packed with tremendous care, these gorgeous hand-woven baskets are tied with a beautiful ribbon to keep those tasty treats from getting out!  By the way, we are absolutely confident that your recipients will have no problems getting in!



This abundant basket includes a mouthwatering array of our finest confections. Did we just use the word “array”? You know… they way that chocolate promotes increased brain activity. Not only is this scrumptious assortment going to pleasure their taste buds but you can be assured that their brain cells will be delighted too!

Included in this basket:
1 LB almond toffee, 1.25 LB caramels, 8 oz truffles, box of chocolate frogs, 4.5 oz caramels, 2.5 oz toffee, caramel apple, thin mint, 2- pretzel rods, 3-little bags.


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